Who Just Claimed my Bottle Deposit?

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Flying back from California yesterday, I am looking at the label on the empty (overpriced) bottle of water I am holding and noticed the State return deposits listed. My mind drifted back to an old Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Newman run off with a postal truck to Michigan where they intend to “Cash In” with the load of bottles from New York where they did not have to pay a deposit.

What really got my mind running was when I tried to toss my bottle in the little white plastic sack as the airline attendant walked along the aisle. I noticed she did not waste any time grabbing the bottle and placing it in her apron pocket. Was this in the name of Being Green on the behalf of an Environmental Responsibility Policy of Southwest? or could it be the ultimate play on the Kramer/Newman scheme? I can just see Kramer and Newman at the table crunching the numbers based on flying them all back to California!

Passengers per plane x number with an empty bottle x flights per day x $.05 – deposit cost paid ($0) + extra fuel cost to get them there + handling labor = $$$$ (JACKPOT BABY)

Not sure which way this leans, but it may demand a little more digging!

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