Wendy's – Marketing Strategy or Marketplace Understanding?


In my travels, I run into an occasional Wendy’s restaurant for a quick bite to eat. I’ve noticed the lunch and dinner patrons appear to skew towards the older side. This got me to thinking about what was going on here. Was this a planned effort on Wendy’s part? Has their marketing department drawn this crowd from their marketing efforts? What worked? Based on the crowd, I’m guessing it was not…
  • A Facebook follower meetup
  • The latest Tweet about new menu items
  • A Tweet to their followers telling them to join their friends
  • An Instagram of a menu item
  • A Blog post about what’s hot
  • A YouTube video of some crazy antics involving a Character
My assumption is the patronage is not about Marketing but more about understanding the Marketplace. They have given these patrons a quality product they want, served at a reasonable price that meets their budget and in a comfortable atmosphere they want to join their friends at. Word of mouth does the rest.
I did read about this marketplace research and strategy by Wendy’s in AdAge maybe a couple of years ago http://bit.ly/yR1zac, so I had the back story rattling around in my head somewhere. Based on the real time evidence, I would say the plan has worked! I’m a big proponent of Social Media, but my observation today brings me back home again to reinforce that the basics of Marketplace strategy still work. Good job Wendy’s, thanks for the lesson!

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