Trying to be Everything to Everybody – Would Ray Kroc be Proud?

Can trying to be…everything to everyone, everywhere; all of the time… kill your business? From what I have seen over the past few years this strategy has not been working for McDonalds. Another road trip and another stop at McDonalds for a coffee (since no Starbucks is to be found out here!) This scene plays over and over again. Aggravated customers waiting in line for so called “fast food” while the only thing moving fast is the level of frustration of those in queue. This is not a lunch time scene, but 2:00 pm. Not big family or group orders, but singles with small orders. It does not matter what City or State, I see the same scene.

Blame in on lack of Help? I always see plenty of bodies moving around behind the counter and in back, but the motions are not swift and meaningful. Back, forth, cross over, around…Not my assignment, not my station, not my job! Management gurus used to say you have to systematize like McDonalds, but I don’t think I would want to use that one anymore.

I think it may be time for McDonalds to take a look at the humble approach of Domino’s Pizza and admit that it is not on top of its game! Admit that it balled up and say you’re sorry for this mess! Has it increased wallet share? Has it increased shareholder value? Sometimes you need to refocus and get back to your core mission. Time to make Ray Kroc proud again!


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