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“I’m Somebody Now!” is the what Steve Martin said in the movie “The Jerk” when he finds his name in the new phone book. I was thinking the same thing when I read that the Library of Congress will be archiving my Twitter stream for all to read as a historical reference. Just think… our wisdom and wit archived for those that come after we are gone. But alas…it looks like this honor was not only bestowed on me, everyone with a twitter feed will be joining me in the Archives!

It’s hard to wrap your mind around this, or even how much storage this will take, but they are taking a data dump containing every Tweet ever made since its inception (Way back in 2006) and storing it in the Digital Archives. Yep…all 170 Billion Tweets…Yikes! It takes over 24 hours just for the system to run a query search and I’ll bet they are not running this on some old Windows 98 PC.
Here is what Library of Congress officially says.

Why the Twitter Collection is Important to the Nation’s Library
“As society turns to social media as a primary method of communication and creative expression, social media is supplementing and in some cases supplanting letters, journals, serial publications and other sources routinely collected by research libraries.”

If you want to find more details on this, you can click this link to the document:

Shoot me your thoughts and maybe we can create another Tweet for the Archive!!!

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