Print Media – Big Opportunity Content Channel!

Good news for my Printer friends! There may still be life for those presses… In a recent post from Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, he noted that since everyone has moved out of print it may be the best place to be with your content. Your old ink on paper is now a Content Channel. Here is Joe’s […]

Wendy's – Marketing Strategy or Marketplace Understanding?

In my travels, I run into an occasional Wendy’s restaurant for a quick bite to eat. I’ve noticed the lunch and dinner patrons appear to skew towards the older side. This got me to thinking about what was going on here. Was this a planned effort on Wendy’s part? Has their marketing department drawn this […]

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Preserving the Printed Word

This afternoon, I was visiting with the curators of the Rock Island, Illinois Public Library regarding a review of their preservation and risk management goals for their Historical Archives room. What I noticed as I walked into the facility was the number of Internet Stations in the main reading room. The staff I was meeting […]

Financial Mecca – A Day with the Oracle of Omaha

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Mecca of the financial world otherwise known as the Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) Annual Shareholders Meeting in Omaha Nebraska. Part business meeting, part circus, it was an inspiring display of the Greatness of Capitalism, shared with 35,000 plus who made the pilgrimage to see the Oracle of […]

Happy Birthday!

Today is another B-day and as with the last couple of years, it is on the road for business. I am giving a presentation tomorrow at the National Facility Management & Technology conference in Las Vegas. Many people would bitch about having to be away from home, but I prefer the positive side and say […]