How Hard Do You Work to Retain Customers?

Starbucks Mobile

How much effort do you and your team put into truly making your customers happy?
Earlier this week I was leaving a late afternoon client meeting and decided to swing by a Starbucks to grab a coffee for the ride home. Being on the road a lot, I kind of have usual places I drop by in each area of the many towns I run through in my travels. I see one of those exits ahead  where I know I can jump off, pull in and jump back on without many lights or traffic.
As I pull into the parking lot, driving around the back of the building, I notice a dumpster, contractor trucks and tools set up outside the back door to this Starbucks location. My first thought was…Dang this one is probably closed for a quick remodel…what luck. As I turn the corner, heading to the front of the building, great news, Starbucks even has a plan to keep me happy during a remodel. A full operating mobile unit set up outside in front of the store. Even with the tight space, the crew of three was still friendly and efficient. Thanks Starbucks for thinking ahead! Probably more about retaining revenue on their part, but either way, I have my coffee and am back on the road.

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