Is the Grim Reaper of Disruptive Technology coming to visit your Business Niche?

Grim Reaper of Disruptive Technology? What? That could never happen in our Business Niche!

We are lucky what we do is protected from these Startup guys coming up with all of these new ways to wreck our business model!

Whoa…if you think this is your story, you better take a quick look around. Jump on having your team get up to speed. You better finding a way to monitor the Tech World for all of the little elements that are your business. Some virtual team of techies may be nibbling at the edges of your industry. Building, Learning, Testing and Perfecting a better way of eliminating the little annoyances you have trained your clients to think are just part of how they get what you offer.

Think your business is too labor intensive, too risky, too capital intensive, too regulated? Think again…take a quick read of this article by Jeremiah Owyang of Crowd Companies. Look at the Collaborative Honeycomb 1 and compare it to the Collaborative Honeycomb 2. Notice the sector growth. Is you sector represented? If not…might it be next? I’m sure many of the sectors represented in 2.0 did not think they would be affected.

Sure Glad I’m just an employee! I can always find another Job at a new place!

Yep – that’s a good strategy…If you think disruptive technology is just a business killer, think again. What if the disruption is around the cost of the company keeping you on for your services on a full time basis? “I’m so busy every day that there is no way they could operate without me!” Maybe…but maybe not. What if I could buy only the time needed to get what I need from someone like you. What if you do not bring the best ideas to every problem because you only see things from one perspective? Could your function be purchased on an as need or project basis? Really think about it…could a project manager hire a virtual team of independents to come up with the same end result! Better Hope your employer has not read this article in The Economist

No one is immune from the possibilities of Disruptive Technologies! You can either lead the way or get run over…Now get after finding a better way!


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