Fixing McDonald’s…It’s Not That Hard!

McDonald’s to Shrink in US…reads the Headline…

Over the past several years, the current CEO of McDonald’s has been searching for a fix to the problems at hand. Angry Franchisees, Unhappy Customers, Bad Press, Bad Financial Results.

In 2015, I read this article The new CEO stating that if they close some poor performing units, they will be on track.

Back in December 2014, the previous CEO, Don Thompson, rolled out this plan as a last ditch effort.

Kiosks with tablets that let McDonald’s customers select everything that will go on their sandwiches.

Wow…how could he ever think that was going to make everything better again! You don’t go to McDonald’s for Slow. Too late…His time was up!

Kiosks??? Although Wall Street thinks it’s a GREAT IDEA if you can cut 2500 cashiers!

The Restaurant industry knows these cuts are not the reason…the franchisees just cannot get enough quality people. Nations Restaurant News June 2017

Richard Adams, a franchisee consultant who worked in corporate offices at McDonald’s for nearly two decades and spent 12 years as a franchisee. “They are going in a bunch of different directions and trying to be all things to all people. That’s been their problem for the last five or six years.” This article from Business Insider from June 2015 goes deeper: McDonald’s CEO has a misguided obsession with Chipotle

And if that does not get you there, go back and try the Value Concept again…Value Menu back for 2018

Back as far as 2013, I offered the Management team some free consulting…appears they are slow learners!

Understand your Operations…Unfiltered & Intimate understanding:
Trying to be Everything to Everybody…Would Ray Kroc be Proud?

Understand your Customers:
Wendy’s…Marketing Strategy or Marketplace Understanding?

Work like crazy to Keep Them:
How Hard do You Work to Retain Customers?

Finally, it appears they have come to understand Why people go to McDonald’s based on this October 2017 interview with CEO Steve Easterbrook on Bloomberg.

With the share price up, things could be on the right track…But, as with anything…Only time and Customer Opinions will tell!


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