Fixing McDonald’s…It’s Not That Hard!

McDonald’s to Shrink in US…reads the Headline… Over the past several years, the current CEO of McDonald’s has been searching for a fix to the problems at hand. Angry Franchisees, Unhappy Customers, Bad Press, Bad Financial Results. In 2015, I read this article The new CEO stating that if they close some poor performing units, they […]

Career Sherpa

Spring…Time for the next class of graduates to transition from the world of Higher Education to the Work World Ready to make some money and show the world You Can Make a Difference. If you are one of the approximately 1.9 million graduates of the class of 2017, you either landed a job, starting soon […]

Startup or New Business?

Startup…or is this just another New Business… Over the weekend, at a Hackathon I was attending, I struck up a conversation with a young entrepreneur I know. He stopped in to hang out for a bit and see what was happening at the event. Now this guy is what I consider an Entrepreneurial Tech Sector […]

Is the Grim Reaper of Disruptive Technology coming to visit your Business Niche?

Grim Reaper of Disruptive Technology? What? That could never happen in our Business Niche! We are lucky what we do is protected from these Startup guys coming up with all of these new ways to wreck our business model! Whoa…if you think this is your story, you better take a quick look around. Jump on having […]

Hackathon State of Mind

What comes to mind when you see the word Hackathon?   Hackathon?…A bunch of guys in black tee shirts, in a dark room (probably some basement), their eyes glued to a 24″ computer monitor (actually an array of 3 monitors), working the keyboard at a speed that makes your head spin? Last January, I was […]