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Spring…Time for the next class of graduates to transition from the world of Higher Education to the Work World
Ready to make some money and show the world You Can Make a Difference. If you are one of the approximately 1.9 million graduates of the class of 2017, you either landed a job, starting soon or you are in the middle of navigating the Talent Acquisition System of the corporate world, or maybe you have decided to Start your Own Deal. Either way, what have you used as your Decision Criteria?
Today companies are bending over backwards to attract the best talent to their organization. Talent magnets include all kinds of cool perks such as flex and open work spaces with large light filled rooms furnished like a club or living room designed to amp up your energy level and creativity; Game rooms to burn off a little stress. Snacks, food and beverages to keep you running at the top of your game and Workout facilities to keep you at your physical best. If you work for, visited or interviewed at these companies, you cannot help but be impressed with today’s workplace.

Question is…did you go at this with an Intentional Plan?

or have you fallen prey to the Shiny Things like a bug drawn to a Bright Light?

A Career is a long game, and any long game requires a strategy. Granted, to the dismay of the Talent Management of most companies, you can bail out on today’s job if you become disillusioned or see a Brighter Light, but again, do you have plan of what you want to achieve? Without, you are just bouncing around taking the chance Random Collisions will take you where you think you want to go.

Here’s a question many do not consider asking:

Can you give a some insight into your Coaching and Mentoring Program? Some companies will tell you about a Wonderful Program involving your peers, your manager and the team of  human resources and upper management guiding and helping you along the path. But wait, do you have your own Criteria and Stop Checks? If not, who’s path are you on? Granted, a career is a long and varied path, but without your own plan, every path will take you there right?

Just like the climber with a goal of making it to the top of the highest peak, you will need to find your Sherpa

International Team of Mountain Climbers ascending Himalaya Summit led by iconic Nepalese Sherpa Guide staying with Backpack and alpine Gear and planning further Route

Do not confuse the programs laid out before you as the only element needed.  Here’s the truth, your peers…well that is like learning to drive from someone learning how to drive. Your manager…a lot of things on their list and maybe their own plan, HR and upper management…well imagine all they are juggling? The person who has your best interest in mind should be you.  For sure, every program and system has an element that is in your best interest, but no one should know or own it more than you.

Your first task in the new place is to find your Sherpa

It may not be the one you are assigned. This person or in some cases, multiple people needs to be Intentional and on target with your plan. They will be the guide who knows how to work within the system and sometimes Outside the System to get it done, because in the end that is all that matters. They will also help you continually tweak your path and plan, not creating it for you, but help you with the right questions, introductions to people you need to know and helping you see the hazards to avoid.

Welcome to the World of Work…it is exciting and rewarding so go at it hard…but with a plan!

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